Second Virus Wave ‘Could Lead To More Cancer Deaths’
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Second Virus Wave ‘Could Lead To More Cancer Deaths’

Second Virus Wave ‘Could Lead To More Cancer Deaths’

As lockdown continues to ease, many people are fearful there could be a second wave of coronavirus.

Not only would this have huge health implications for sufferers and cause thousands more deaths across the UK, it would also impact the entire healthcare system, leading to fatalities as a result of other conditions.

Cancer charity Marie Curie has warned the government it needs to improve its preparedness for a second wave, as this will affect the healthcare cancer patients and those with life-limiting diseases or seasonal influenza receive.

Chief nurse and executive director of quality and caring services Julie Pearce said: “We believe it’s important to evaluate on what everyone has learnt from this experience and agree that a rapid review is an important course of action.”

She added the country needs to be better prepared to deal with the “real risk” of a second wave.

Ms Pearce went on to say those with other conditions could become the unseen victims of the pandemic, as their diagnoses and treatments suffer from further delays as the NHS focuses on keeping those with severe complications of Covid-19 alive.

“Therefore, ensuring the health and social care sector is prepared for this is of great importance,” she stated.

Her comments could encourage more people to seek will writing services, whether they believe themselves to be at a higher risk of contracting Covid-19 or not.

Not only will the public be worried about being caught up in the second peak, they may now be concerned their health could be compromised by other life-threatening illnesses that are left undiagnosed or untreated due to the pressure on the healthcare system.

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