Demands For Wills Skyrockets Due To Pandemic
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Demands For Wills Skyrockets Due To Pandemic

Demands For Wills Skyrockets Due To Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted for many people the need to be prepared for if the worst should happen. Few people have been left unaffected by COVID-19, directly or indirectly, and it has led to many questioning their mortality, and what would happen to their estate after they’ve gone.

It’s, therefore, a surprise to no one that demands for will writing services have boomed as people realise there’s no time like the present to get their affairs and estate in order.

Writing a Will During Lockdown

The main issue at the moment is that solicitors, much like most people, are also in lockdown, but they are finding ways in which they can help draw up wills for people at home.

There is no actual or legal need for a will to be drawn up by a solicitor, but it is most strongly urged to do so to make sure that the will is legally sound, free of errors and spelling mistakes, and will not mean your family hands over large amounts of money to solve disputes over your estate.

The vast majority of people have little experience if any at all in how to draw up a will, and it is easy to make simple mistakes that can lead to issues after you have gone, and it is too late to correct them. If the wording isn’t explicit and left open to interpretation, it will likely lead to misunderstandings and disputes.

Some of the most common mistakes made on DIY wills include:

  • Failing to have the will properly signed and witnessed.
  • Failing to correctly deal with any last-minute amendments or errors on the will before signing.
  • Failing to take into account the possibility of a beneficiary or executor may die before the person making the will.
  • Failing to take into account all money, property or assets.
  • Failing to understand the effect of marriage, divorce or dissolution on a will.

Make sure your estate is in order, and get in touch for will writing in Cheltenham.

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